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Little Sister Delicatessen

Selling an array of beautiful local and imported cheeses and charcuterie, not to mention the best continental rolls and cheese toasties of all time Little Sister is famous in Fremantle.

Little Sister Delicatessen sits right next door to big Kakulas Sister Grocery store on Market Street in the beautiful West End of Fremantle. It provides an aromatic welcome to all that arrive into the city by train.

New cheeses & charcuterie arrive daily at Little Sister Freo. Each season they pair their most beautiful cheese with gourmet additives to match Fremantle's mood. Like a cloth bound cheddar cheese imported from the UK provides comfort during a rainy season, slowly maturing over 12-16 months to develop intense, balanced flavours of beef broth and caramel. Made with grass fed milk from their own herd...this lovely buttery cheddars truly sings a song from where it is from. Pop in for the latest arrivals. 

-32.053684009944, 115.7458711

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