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19 August 2021

Fremantle loves food (and drinks)! With a cornucopia of different foods on offer and a fusion of cross-cultural cuisines, Fremantle restaurants are a foodies paradise.

Whether you banquet on the famous Cappuccino Strip or head down to the West End, there's an abundance of eateries, boutique bars and pubs in Fremantle to choose from. North and South Fremantle also own a share of the hospitality scene with wonderful restaurants, small bars, cafes, coffee and plenty of atmosphere.

Explore Freo your way or experience one of our Eat & Drink Tours.


Fremantle's breweries and distilleries are renowned from Little Creatures Brewery overlooking Fishing Boat Harbour to the best gin in the world at the Republic of Fremantle.
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Mention Fremantle and the image it conjures up is of outdoor cafés. Known for its climate, its cuisine and its coffee, Fremantle was also the first place in Western Australia to bring alfresco dining into the heart of town.
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Fremantle has always offered top notch, gourmet supplies and our beautiful boutique grocers; think bakeries, butchers-and-fishmongers, bottle shops, breweries-and- specialist wine stores.
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The line-up of unique eateries with striking design, passionate chefs and seasonal cooking draw diners to our port city again and again.
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Fremantle has seen a proliferation of small bars and dram shops in recent years, each with a character and atmosphere all of their own.
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Fremantle at the height of the gold rush period in the late 1800’s was bustling port city with a business district that included banks, custom houses, import and export businesses and accommodation was also known for its public houses or ‘pubs’ on almost every street corner.
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