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Health & Wellbeing

30 November 2021

If the invigorating salty air, natural environments, positivity and relaxed vibe aren’t enough to calm your soul and inspire personal rejuvenation, immerse yourself in Fremantle’s world of health and wellness.

Fremantle is Perth’s blissed out, hippy sister. A place where you can step out of the rat race and really come home to yourself.

For the busy and burnt out, take some ‘me time’ with a relaxing massage, sauna or meditation session. Get your glow on with some head-to-toe pampering at one of the many port city’s salons offering hair care, customised facials, ‘manis and pedis’ and body treatments.

Broaden your health options and tap into Fremantle’s alternative and complimentary medicine offerings, from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, breathwork, somatic healing, reiki, integrative chiropractors and naturopaths.

Fremantle’s pilates and yoga studios invite you to connect body and spirit, with a range of styles on offer at stunning studios across the city. For something different, try a yoga class on the grass at South Beach or at the ashram.

Vegan and plant-based restaurants and cafes abound, while specialist grocery stores offer a wide range of organic and sustainable produce.

If you’re looking for spiritual healing, experience a reading from a psychic or medium, or delve into Fremantle’s numerous new age stores and explore a range of healing crystals and self-help literature.