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17 June 2024

Anya Brock's Fremantle

Anya Brock’s iconic zebra mural at Ootong & Lincoln was painted way back in 2012 — it took two days, with the help of her sister — and it’s still a well-loved South Fremantle landmark today.

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13 June 2024

Fremantle street art trail

Discover Fremantle's impressive collection of street art and murals — on the ground, at eye level, and towering overhead. How many can you find?


Wings (2018) | Anita Revel

12 Market St, Fremantle

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Experience Fremantle’s old soul and strong analogue vibe 🛍️⚓ Vintage, retro and antiques feel right at home in this old soul city.

📷 @TheUpcyclingMutzs / @APortraitOfCars / @DuncanWright__

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“Today, my favourite new-age wining and dining spots are Wild in the Street and Strange Company.” — @AlexCrisp__ (@MasterChefAU 2024)

Alex grew up in Fremantle, surrounded by a fusion of global flavours that are characteristic of the port city's hospitality scene 🍷🥟🍝🦪🐟✨

🔗 Read Alex's guide to Fremantle via our stories.
“From markets to pubs, warehouses to arcades, there’s no shortage of great places to eat out in Freo. And it’s not just the adults that get to have all the fun.” — @KidsInFreo 🐟🍟🥡
Perth’s ‘Old Town’. Where unexpected journeys wind through historic streets, hidden laneways and salty ports. THIS IS FREMANTLE.
Truffle weather! ☔️ @fremantlemarkets is full of truffle fun this weekend at the Truffle Extravaganza Festival! ✨️🙌. Freo Local - and 2024 MasterChef Australia Contestant - Alex Crisp got behind the scenes yesterday and met with the wonderful vendors to taste some incredible truffle-inspired dishes. It’s on again today!

🌎 💫 ‘Around the World’ in 2 hours, all-you-can-eat edition! 

@sate.freo - Charred Truffle Beef Short Ribs ✅️

@tibetstove - Truffle Momos ✅️

@viet_kites_fremantle_market - Roast Duck Special Banh Mi (in Charcoal roll!) ✅️

@what.the.bao Truffle Massaman Beef Bao ✅️

@eggspot.perth - Fluffy Egg and Garlic Truffle Mayo Bun ✅️

@acropolis_souvlaki - Pork Belly and Truffle Gyros & Truffle & Feta Chips ✅️

@gozbarfreo - Lamb Koftas with Creamy Truffle Mash & Truffle Hummus with Saucy Mushrooms ✅️

@sugarartistperth - The fluffiest, lightest Truffle and Cheese Ensaymada (THIS WAS UNREAL!) ✅️

Thanks to Adam and the team at @greatsoutherntruffles for putting together a fantastic event.
Otherworldly places 🌟 And transformed spaces 🌏💫 Where light and sound and culture coalesce in a crescendo of spirit and soul. Discover what's on in Fremantle this weekend. THIS IS FREMANTLE.
“Looking back — I think one of my formative experiences may have led me to opening a shop. Writing that down, it sounds a bit dramatic — but the experience really got me deep in the soul.” Kate Hulett loves owning her Freo shop — @KateAndAbelPerth.

📷 DuncanWright__