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30 June 2021

Mention Fremantle and the image it conjures up is of outdoor cafés. Known for its climate, its cuisine and its coffee, Fremantle was also the first place in Western Australia to bring alfresco dining into the heart of town.

This long-standing tradition dates back to 1978, when Nunzio Gumina was granted permission to put some tables and chairs out on the pavement of Papa Luigi's - his South Terrace café. Not long after that Gino's café followed suit, leading to a tradition that is very much evident all over the city, but especially on the Cappuccino Strip and along South Terrace. Fremantle's coffee culture runs deep. You’re spoilt for choice in Fremantle and half the fun is exploring to find your favourite. If you’re not sure where to start just ask a local, they're sure to steer you in the right direction.