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Abhi's Bread

Abhi's Bread has been providing Fremantle with fresh and organic sourdough bread since 1994. With their goal of using the best local quality ingredients to provide the most traditional organic handcrafted bread they have built a cult-like status among locals. 

The gourmet and wholesale supplier was opened by a Swiss born baker Heinz Muller. Genuine bakers yeast free sourdough is still at the core of their business, they also provide a selection of organic, spelt, and gluten reduced breads, sweets and to die for French inspired pastries.

In respecting the traditional methods of baking, they use 100% Yeast Free Sourdough, fermented the same way it was 2000 years ago, without the use of any preservatives, additives, oils or improvers.

This artisan bakery handcrafts their range using unbleached flour, iodized salt & filtered water to guarantee the most genuine and authentic taste, as well as providing a healthy and nutritious product.

The range of breads, cakes & pastries (and famous hot cross buns!) are inspired by European influences and also cater for those with dietary concerns including low or no gluten, flourless or organic.


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