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Little Lefroy's

Named for their location on the corner of Little Lefroy Lane and South Terrace, this cafe on the strip in South Fremantle has been influenced by a love of travel. 

The owners travelled the world, tasting and experiencing flavour and culture. They made a boat from washed up driftwood and set sail for Fremantle, dreaming of making a restaurant from similarly recycled materials, to bring laughter and happy bellies to the people, whilst leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.

That was many, many years ago now, but the story lives on at Little Lefroy’s, passed down from head chef to hipster barista to the cheery waitress in Doc Martins and our menu tastes just ever so slightly of some place else – the toast with white anchovies from Spain and the fried cauliflower with Argentinian green salsa.

If you pop in for a coffee or our specialty steaming London Fog, you’ll find us to be a colourful bunch. We are a family formed by the love of food and all things Freo, we are artists and graphic designers, some of us sing in bands and others in the shower…

Oh and “upcycled,” is one of our favourite words. Our tables are made from recycled pallets; the bar was built from an old bridge, the bar top from an old pool table, and recycled wine bottles hang from the ceiling as lights.

But the most important thing? No one gets left out. We do our best to include everyone in the joy of food with gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options available. All day brunch menu. Takeaway and delivery.

-32.067641809949, 115.7528198

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