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Whale Watch Western Australia

Tue, 10/05/2021 - 03:28

Whale Watch Western Australia is the largest and most luxurious purpose built whale watching vessel in Western Australia coupled with experts that will guide you through the cruise with in depth knowledge of the whales in their natural habitat – an unforgettable experience!

We are a 6th generation Western Australian family that own and operate pearling and whale watching vessel’s in WA waters for over 100 years ensuring your safety & comfort. Learn the Language of the Whales via our live onboard commentary as they communicate with each other both visually and by sound.

This 5 Star Whale Watch experience will not only show you the whales but also educate you in everything cetacean in Western Australia. The largest migration of Humpbacks in the world to the largest mammal to grace the earth, the incredible Blue Whale. 

You will also site throughout the year other species including, the endangered Southern Right Whales, largest mammal brain on earth, the Sperm Whales, the very rarely seen Minke Whales all right here in Perth, Western Australia. We are the only company in Australia bringing you Whale Watch experiences all year round over 5 different species.

Perth Canyon Blue Whale Watching (March-May): The largest mammal ever to grace the planet, the Blue Whale can measure 31m in length and weigh 130 tons. Classified endangered there is an estimated only 12-20,000 remaining around the globe. The Perth Canyon is the summer feeding grounds of these dinosaurs of the deep. The rarest whale to ever be seen or photographed.

Whale Watch Tours Perth (September to December): Steep Point, a $2.5M purpose built luxury catamaran with 30 knot capability, is the largest and most luxurious in WA, getting you to the magnificent Western Australian Whales…fast! This luxurious 25 meter stable vessel provides an excellent platform for whale watching, with 5 viewing decks over 3 levels from which you can sight the magnificent Humpback, Southern Right and occasionally, the very rare Blue Whale along with Seals, Dolphins and migratory bird life from all over the world.

You will enjoy  amazing uninterrupted views from water level to the huge open bow & upper grandstand deck, heated interior lounge with  luxury lounge seating. Learn the Language of the Whales from our LIVE expert commentary, witness the Whale Watch TV Theatre and hear the sounds & views from our underwater camera’s & hydrophone.

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