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Chicho Gelato

Chicho Gelato has carved its second home for its cult-like following in Fremantle.

By combining traditional techniques with new wave flavours, Chicho is reinventing an Italian icon. They continuously keep people guessing what’s under the pozzetti, with unique seasonal flavours and creative dessert collaborations toa draw a crowd. 

Their new location, on the corner of Cantonment and Market Streets, marks a return home for Chez, who grew up in Fremantle.

“This store pays homage to the gelaterias of yesteryear like Benny’s Gelati and Azzurra. I have such fond childhood memories of enjoying gelato and doing the passeggiata (leisurely social stroll).”

Chicho’s signature flavours like Mint Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel Cracker and Lavender Honeycomb are on the menu, alongside new inventions, created just for the Fremantle store. In Freo, a new piece of machinery will also allow gelato lovers to enjoy a spiral of fluffy whipped cream atop their favourite flavours.

Chicho Gelato Fremantle takes the brand’s playful personality and injects a distinctly Fremantle feel and ethos by creating a coastal, casual and sustainable iteration of the Italian-infused Chicho style. Lo-fi building materials, often used throughout southern, coastal Italy and Ancient Rome, are represented in a beautiful recycled brick counter, clay and lime based renders and mortars, recycled post-consumer-waste plastic furniture, recycled jarrah furniture, vintage lighting and salvaged building materials, including the resilient floor finish and even down to the joinery carcasses which used seconds material.

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