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Anya Brock's Fremantle

17 June 2024

Anya Brock’s iconic zebra mural at Ootong & Lincoln was painted way back in 2012 — it took two days, with the help of her sister — and it’s still a well-loved South Fremantle landmark today.

People stroll past two giant, colourful zebras on the wall of Ootong and Lincoln

It was a very in-the-moment mural

“My friend who used to own Ootong & Lincoln wanted something on the wall and asked what I was working on at the time — and so the zebras were born", says Anya.

I prefer escapism murals — subjects that aren’t usually seen in the immediate environment.

"Most murals are relevant to the area which I understand but it’s a bit too literal for me. I prefer things to not make so much sense. There’s a playfulness and spontaneity to that which I think is lost as we grow into adulthood.”

Fremantle's impressive collection of urban art works reveals itself on the ground, at eye level and towering overhead as you make your way through Perth's port city. Plan your street art tour around Freo's bustling centre, and to its north and south.

Step into Anya's beautifully abstract, colourful world

Artist and creative community comes together at Anya Brock's colourful gallery

Iconic Australian artist Anya Brock is best known for her spirited and bold use of colour and strokes — walking into the Anya Brock Gallery feels like a fully immersive moment in her world! Large scale, bold works in her light-filled FOMO gallery explore the connection between amplification and emotional mark making, creating a distinctive visual language in all her work.

“Fremantle has a creative energy and inclusivity that’s unparalleled anywhere else in Perth.”

'Nourishment for the soul'. That's how Anya describes Fremantle's beautiful buildings in the West End and the tight knit community of creatives. Stop by the gallery to browse and shop a plethora of bright originals, framed canvas prints as well as budget-friendly paper prints and colourful homewares.

Anya's favourite Freo spots

person wearing striking red trousers strides into Vin Populi

So, where does Anya recommend you need to visit when you're in Fremantle?


Image credits | Hero image: ©Chantel Concei, Anya Brock Gallery: Court McAllister