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Fremantle street art trail

13 June 2024

Discover Fremantle's impressive collection of street art and murals — on the ground, at eye level, and towering overhead. How many can you find?


Wings (2018) | Anita Revel

12 Market St, Fremantle

person stands in front of beautiful, green painted wings on a purple wall

Anita believes everyone should spread their wings and fly. Visit the Freo edition of her wing art series.

Lowdown (2017) | Trevor Richards

11 Mouat St, Fremantle

yellow graphic shapes on black road disrupts the way we view Fremantle's historic West End

A renowned minimalist graphic artwork interrupts the site, changing how we perceive and move through a unique urban environment.

Untitled (2015) | Too Much Colour

2 Warden Ln, Fremantle

painting of bearded, singeted person licking a pink ice cream on a blue building

A three-man, large scale mural collective based in Perth. Commissioned by FORM as part of the PUBLIC project.

Escape Artist (2020) | Fintan Magee

Bannister St, Fremantle

Huge mural of a man floating with geese above him is above a bustling small bar beer garden

An allegory for freedom of six Irish prisoners that escaped WA in 1876. The geese reference the newspaper The Wild Goose created on their journey on board the Hougoumont.

Horatio's Wall (ongoing) | Horatio T Birdbath

93 Market St, Fremantle

hand drawn mural showing an imagined city

An ever-evolving work in progress on the side of Gino’s Cafe, you can often find the artist, Horatio T Birdbath, working on this piece.

Sunflowers (2020) | Holly Ogden

11 Essex St, Fremantle

person stands in front of yellow sunflower mural

A trail of sunflowers started at the outbreak of COVID-19 to spread happiness through art.

Sam Kerr (2021) | Fieldy

18 Norfolk St, Fremantle

Mural of Sam Kerr in green and gold matilda's kit spans the height of a building

Celebrating Samantha Kerr, Fremantle local, forward for Chelsea in the FA Women’s Super League and Captain of the Australian women’s soccer team. Commissioned by Optus Sport.

Dame Dorothy Tangney (2013) | Vhils

26 Norfolk St, Fremantle

Face of Dame Dorothy Tangney carved into building wall

A unique portrait of the first woman member of the Australian Senate (1943). The artwork is carved into the side of the Norfolk Hotel building using construction tools.

Together (2020) | Morag Myerscough

William St / Henderson St

colouful graphic-style mural on Fremantle car park

Acknowledging the uniqueness of Fremantle and its rich multicultural history this mural, when viewed from afar, forms the word TOGETHER.

Paddy Troy Mall | multiple artists

189 Paddy Troy Mall, Fremantle

mural of roaring lion near busker playing guitar

A hidden laneway hosts artwork by Brolga, ArtbyRow, ArtbyDestroy, Jackson Harvey, Doofus and Idol Motions, Amok Island and Elly Summer.

Trish Wieland (2021) | ArtbyDestroy

23 William St, Fremantle

large mural of a person with koala, black cockatoo, plants and a bubble

Perth artist Destroy has a large portfolio of work locally. He likes experimenting with new mediums: street and mural art, chalk pastels, airbrushing, brush work and even tattooing.

  • WOOLSTORES, multiple artists | 60 Cantonment St, Fremantle
  • FISH AND CHIPS, Yok and Sheryo | 10 Cantonment St, Fremantle
  • PURPLE HAIRED CHICA (2013), Lady Bananas | 7 Leake St, Fremantle, Fremantle
  • UNTITLED (2010), Jan van der Ploeg | 2 Henry St, Fremantle
  • UNTITLED (2013), Julian Poon | 4 Croke St, Fremantle (Jess’s question)
  • THE BILLBOARD PROJECT (2019), Sam Bloor | 94 South Tce, Fremantle
  • UNTITLED, Lady Bananas | 45 Attfield St, Fremantle
  • HIPPOCAMPUS SUBELONGATUS (2015), Amok Island | 100 Hampton Rd, Fremantle


Zebras (2013) | Anya Brock

258 South Tce, South Fremantle

People stroll past two giant, colourful zebras on the wall of Ootong and Lincoln

One of the first cafe murals. Anya Brock’s distinctive artwork of faces, portrait-inspired animals and native plants can be seen throughout the city.

East West Design Fresco (2013) | Graeme Miles Richards

303 South Tce, South Fremantle

Kids and a dog in front of the tromp l'oeil style mural at East West Design

A spectacular 3D mural with impeccable attention to detail in the Trompe-l’oeil style. There are many sections, each focusing on different cultural themes.

Octopus | ArtbyDestroy

386 South Tce, South Fremantle

blue, green and bronze mural of octopus in a diver's helmet

Look for the markings on the ground in the laneway to get a photo of this artwork in 3D.

  • UNTITLED (2017), Rebecca Wetzler | 147 South Tce, South Fremantle
  • CARNABY’S FOOD FOREST (2016), Marina Lommerse | Marine Tce & King William St (Florence Park), South Fremantle
  • UNTITLED (2016), ArtbyDestroy | 19 Douro Rd, South Fremantle


Dingo Flour (1940) | Les Nash

111 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle

Dingo Flour mural

Originally painted in 1940, the large scale logo is part of Fremantle’s iconography and has inspired all manner of artists and entrepreneurs.

  • LIZZEE’S BENCH (2019), Blake Poole | 77 Quarry St, North Fremantle
  • FREMANTLE RAIL BRIDGE MURAL PROJECT (2015), multiple artists | 44-40 Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle
  • UNTITLED (2018), Shakey | 221 Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle
  • FRIDA KAHLO (2020), Susan Respinger | Cnr Craig St and Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle

Spotted something different?

We regularly review this trail’s content — but the nature of street art is temporary, so let us know if you spot any new works, or ones that aren’t there anymore: