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Street Gallery Fremantle Project

29 November 2021

The Street Gallery Fremantle Project is an exhibition series that will see shopfronts converted to beautiful galleries. Artsource, a WA arts network and membership organisation, and the City of Fremantle have partnered to create attractive spaces showcasing Fremantle's local creatives. 

The street gallery series and is located in unoccupied store fronts at 75 and 197 High Street and 6 William Street, Fremantle. 

Artists on display are Banyji Cheedy, represented by Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation; Ian de Souza, Jo Gray, Michael Knight, Alessandra Rossi, Arif Satar, Audrey Satar, Carissa Wu, Libby Peacock, Greg Barr and Mary Watson represented by Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation.

Street Gallery 1 (SG#1) | 75 High Street 

  • Featured artists: Arif Satar and Audrey Fernandes-Satar
    Arif Satar is a visual artist living and working in Walyalup (Fremantle).
    Working individually and in collaboration with Audrey Fernandes-Satar, their cross-disciplinary practices intersect through a shared interest in uncovering complex memories and histories, both personal and collective. Across sculpture, drawing, text, printmaking, sound and the moving image, Satar and Fernandes-Satar draw from ancestral stories, rituals and crafting techniques, to create a rich dialogue between the past and the present.
    Arif has exhibited his works, undertaken socially engaged community art projects and created work for public spaces, both in Australia and overseas.
  • Title: Talking Animals
    In Talking Animals, Arif investigates how ideas of imitation and understanding in animals is perceived by humans beginning with the observation on how the ongoing domestication of the natural world has impacted on the animal body language and subsequently, on their behaviour. Through drawing and sculpture, these artworks explore the figure of the dog in the artist's life. In the window front, the dogs are presented as protagonists in a line, as characters with emblazoned world flags, and at times on rotating turntables.
  • Medium: Fibreglass sculptures and automotive paints
  • Size: Various
  • Price: $1,500.00 to $2,500.00
  • Featured artists: Arif Satar and Audrey Fernandes-Satar
  • Title: The Garden Project: Dying in the Garden 
    First presented at the grounds and the gallery spaces of the MS University in Vadodora, India and an exhibition at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle, Australia,  The Garden Project is an interdisciplinary art project and involved the research, development, creation and presentation of collaborative artworks  with artist Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar, exploring the ‘garden’ not in a literal sense but in an expansive metaphysical way – accessing the garden to express the personal rather than the botanical. Dying In The Garden is a photographic series that focuses on a collection of objects found in people’s gardens.  
  • Medium: Type C photograph on aluminium  
  • Size: 650x650x50
  • Price: $1,500.00

Street Gallery 2 (SG#2) | 75 High Street 

  • Featured artist: Ian de Souza
    Based in Fremantle, Ian de Souza is an exhibiting artist and art educator with 40 years experience. Born in West Malaysia he was educated in Singapore before travelling to Australia to further his studies. Best known as a figurative painter, Ian de Souza is inspired by light and movement.
  • Title: Paleolithic Understory #2
    “I have been asked many times why it took me so long to paint the Australian landscape. The simple answer is, I wasn’t ready. I felt daunted by its vastness and harsh white light, a profound contrast to the hazy, verdant environment of my West Malaysian childhood. 
    My first painting excursion to the North West of WA was to the Kimberley in 1999, which produced the Windjana Gorge Suite, now part of the Perth Duxton Hotel Collection.  The Windjana Suite was a personal breakthrough and I yearned to repeat the experience, so in July 2001 I visited the Pilbara. 
    Paleolithic Understory has layers of multiple drawings and oil paintings creating the rich colour and texture that inspired its name. 
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 1100mm x 1900mm
  • Price: $15,000 inc GST

Street Gallery 3 (SG#3) | 6 William Street 

Featured artists: Jo Gray and Banyji Cheedy 

  • Artist: Jo Gray
    With a lifetime spent exploring remote areas of Western Australia and a degree in earth science (geology), Jo Gray has intimate knowledge and passion for our landscape. Having spent her early years working in exploration to support her art career, today she balances the two and both inform her practice.
  • Title: Amphora 2020
    The shipwreck amphorae found off the coastline of Aeolian Islands inspire Amphora 2020. Collections of them hang in Next Hotel, Melbourne. Bisque fired, then pit fired, wrapped in salt, copper, seaweed, sawdust and native leaves before being painted in charcoal ink. 
  • Medium: Pit-fired painted ceramic on Kimberley Sandstone on metal base
  • Dimensions: 1070mm x 330mm
  • Price: $2400
  • Artist: Banyji Cheedy 
    Banyji Pansy Cheedy is a Yindjibarndi Elder and Cultural Custodian and highly respected artist. Since 2010, Banyji has been creating beautiful acrylic paintings on canvas. In the past three years she has extended her art practices to beautiful stitched works on linen, stitched acrylic paintings, and intricate carved yarranga marni as she shares her cultural, environmental and creative skills and knowledge with emerging artists and young people.
  • Title: Our Yindjibarndi Night Sky: Yinda Reflection
  • This painting means a lot to the artist. 'It is about dark times and seeing a thousand stars reflecting in the water when the breeze ruffles the deep pools on our spinifex tablelands. The light that is always with us on our Yindjibarndi ngurra.'
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint on Canvas, stiched with waxed linen thread
  • Dimensions: 1500mm x 1000mm 
  • Price: not for sale 

Street Gallery 4 (SG#4) | 6 William Street 

Featured artists: Alessandra Rossi and Libby Peacock 

  • Featured artist: Alessandra Rossi 
    Alessandra was born in Friuli in northern Italy in 1968, but spent most of her formative years in Venice, in the company of a vibrant international artistic community. Alessandra graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in the USA in 1991 with a BA in Fine Arts. During her time in America, she also worked with established artists such as Leon Golub, Nancy Spero and Rodney Allen Greenblatt under the Arts Education programme at AICA in New York.
  • Title: Coral Boy – 2019
    This work continues the artist's exploration of the process of coral bleaching and discolouration, and the parallels this draws with our society’s attachment to technology and social media especially in the younger generation.
  • Medium: Marine Ply, paint, stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 160 x 50 x 45 cm – steel base (84x84x5cm)
  • Price: $15,000 inc GST
  • Artist: Libby Peacock
    Libby Peacock considers herself an artisan, craftswoman with a lifelong fascination with found objects in nature. Mostly remembered for her iconic hand knitwear range from the 1980s which sold Australia & worldwide, there is a permanent display of Libby’s work in the Innovations Gallery of the Boola Bardip Museum in Perth.
  • Title: Fossickings
  • Medium: Jute twine and seaweed. The basket is crochet, stiffened - then embellished with seaweed. It is a one-off.
  • Dimensions: H 22 cm x W 18 cm
  • Price: $450

Street Gallery 5 (SG#5) | 197 High Street

  • Featured artist: Mary Watson Mary is an emerging Yindjibarndi artist who has been painting for two years at the Juluwarlu Arts Studio. During that time, Mary’s paintings have been selected for, and sold well at Perth-based exhibitions. Mary works intently as she explores both the myriad colours of her ancestral Yindjibarndi Pilbara tablelands and the stories and continuing meanings of Yindjibarndi spiritual connection to land and cosmos. Mary says this painting celebrates “Yura hitting claypans on Yindjibarndi country. My painting has many layers leaving behind marks and memory”. 
  • Title: Yurra (Sun)
    … I paint the Yurra that brings life to our country.  In the hot season, the rain falls on the earth, and then the flowers come…
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Dimensions: 910mm x 1010mm
  • Price: $1,320 inc GST

Street Gallery 6 (SG#6) | 197 High Street

Featured artists: Michael Knight and Carrissa Wu

  • Artist: Michael Knight
    Michael Knight has worked as an artist for over 20 years and is known for his vibrant palette and expressionistic response to what he sees and feels. Trained at UWA and the Julian Ashton Art School Michael's work continues to use drawing as a fundamental tool in his creative practice. His work includes portraits, landscapes, abstracts and sculptures.
  • Title: The Yilgarn Totem
    An intuitive, primitive style sculpture that allowed the colour and grace within fallen timber to emerge over several seasons.
  • Medium: Eucalyptus wood – Finish: Osmo Polyx®-Oil
  • Dimensions: H455mm
  • Price: $2200
  • Artist: Michael Knight
  • Title: Maternal Bond
    A fluid piece touching on the powerful forms of a physical relationship, highlighted in curving timber grain.
  • Medium: Olive Wood
  • Dimensions: 480mm
  • Price: $2200
  • Artist: Michael Knight
  • Title: Ennuin Homestead 2018
  • Medium: Oil linen on Board
  • Dimensions: 295mm x 480mm
  • Price: $1200
  • Artist: Michael Knight
  • Title: Lynton Farm
  • Medium: Oil on composition board       
  • Dimensions: 240 x 300mm
  • Price: $150

Street Gallery 7 (SG#7) | 197 High Street 

Featured artists Greg Barr and Carrissa Wu 

  • Artist: Greg Barr
    Greg Barr is a multi-talented artist whose work is emotive and directly engaging. His brushwork is joyous and flowing and his paintings, filled with texture and warm tones, have an honest and immediate intensity. Through a variety of techniques such as brushes, palette knives, pouring, spraying, sponging and masking, Greg applies tactile layers of mediums and pen, creating a floating depth to his work that is enlivened through his overlaying of gestural marks. Greg Barr is an artist of Ballardong Noongar heritage.
  • Title:  ‘Dad’s, The Old Man,’ 2021
    Inspired by the artist's relationship with his father and it beautifully catches a generosity of vision that is an outpouring of who he is and his love for his family and friends.
  • Medium: acrylic on canvas
  • Dimensions: 101 x 101 cm
  • Price: $1200
  • Artist: Carrissa Wu
    Carrissa Wu is an emerging artist from Singapore based in Walyallup/Fremantle. Informed by her training in Fine Arts & Art Therapy, she works as a Paper Florist making bespoke gifts and running creative workshops through her business, Jotterbook Flowers. She is inspired by native flora and uses crepe paper and recycled materials to create realistic sculptures that celebrate nature’s details.
  • Title: Blossom Chops (Corymbia ficifolia - Pink Flowering Gum)
  • Medium: Double-layered crepe paper, paint, wire, glue
  • Dimensions: 20x20x50
  • Price: $554
  • Artist: Carrissa Wu
  • Title: Down The Road (Corymbia ficifolia - Red Flowering Gum)
  • Medium: Double-layered crepe paper, paint, wire, glue
  • Dimensions: 40x20x40
  • Price: $345
  • Artist: Carrissa Wu
  • Title: When We Move (Banksia menziesii - Firewood Banksia)
  • Medium: Double-layered crepe paper, recycled packing peanuts, paint, wire, glue
  • Dimensions: 40x10x10
  • Price: $164 ea
  • Artist: Carrissa Wu
  • Title: Not Actually Native (Protea cynaroides - King Protea)
  • Medium: Double-layered crepe paper, recycled packing peanuts, paint, wire, glue
  • Dimensions:50x15x15
  • Price: $114 each
  • Artist: Carrissa Wu
  • Title: Red Carpet (Callistemon viminalis - Bottlebrush)
  • Medium: Double-layered crepe paper, paint, wire, glue
  • Dimensions: 25x7x7
  • Price: $39 each

Artsource is Western Australia’s leading visual arts network and membership organisation for artists, championing Western Australia’s visual arts community through professional resources for artists, advocacy, facilities, studios, tailored insurance, and a host of other services. 

Artwork by Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar
Artist: Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar
Street Gallery Fremantle project
Artist: Mary Watson
Artist Arif Satar
Artist: Arif Satar
Artwork of a tree and landscape in a wooden frame
Artist: Michael Knight
Street Gallery Fremantle project
Artist: Banyji Cheedy

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