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Street Gallery Fremantle Project

29 November 2021

The Street Gallery Fremantle Project is an ongoing exhibition series that sees shopfronts converted to beautiful galleries. Artsource, a WA arts network and membership organisation, and the City of Fremantle have partnered to create attractive spaces showcasing Fremantle's local creatives.

The street gallery (SG) series is located in unoccupied store fronts in Fremantle's downtown with locations changing regularly.

Current exhibiting artists include Helen Majewski, Debra Ann Perkins, Ian De Souza, Dung-Chuan Wen, Ginette Hillman. 

Past exhibitors: Banyji Cheedy and Mary Watson, represented by Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation; Ian de Souza, Jo Gray, Michael Knight, Alessandra Rossi, Carissa Wu, Libby Peacock, Greg Barr, Anne Marie McCaughey, Dr Audrey Fernandez-Satar and Arif Satar, Bori Benko, Sheree Dornan, Penny Bovell, Gabby Howlett, Charmaine Ball, Jo Darvall and Kevin Richardson.

Street Gallery 1 (SG#1) | Civic  Building, William Street corner

(In transition)

Street Gallery 2 (SG#2) | Civic  Building, William Street corner

(In transition)

Street Gallery 3 (SG#3) | 6 William Street 

Featured artistHELEN MAJEWSKI

  • Title: Untitled (detail) 2021
  • Medium: Charcoal and coloured pencil on Fabriano paper
  • Size: 140 x 145 cm
  • Price: $550 inc gst
  • Instagram@hcmajewski

Helen Majewski is an emerging painter. She primarily works in oils and watercolour. 

This work was created at the Drawing Marathon held at Artsource over three days in October 2021. While Helen usually confines herself to paint, even for drawing, this workshop opened her eyes to the possibilities of charcoal.

Street Gallery 4 (SG#4) | 6 William Street


  • Title: Noise Reduction #7
  • Title: Noise Reduction #2
  • Medium: Monotype, Screen Print, Chine Colle, Collage Somerset Satin 300gsm Rice paper  
  • Size: 84 x 54 cm each
  • Price: $1900 each (unframed) 

Artist statement
"I am interested in contemporary visual culture and how we understand images. Photographic representations of faces surround us in our daily lives, we are drawn to them. They are not real, yet we can recognise humanness and connect at a deeper level, beyond thought.     

My work explores this connection through our interaction with digital technology and the blurring of boundaries between human and machine. This research is an ongoing part of my Honours project." Debra Perkins

Noise Reduction Series
"This series of work continues an exploration of the mechanically and digitally reproducible image within popular culture. This work is part of my Honours project. Printmaking processes complicate contemporary understanding of the image as a unique art form. Mechanical reproducibility of images within popular culture and mass media, challenges what is considered an original and what is a copy. By recognising the materiality of the mechanical marks that distinguish the processes, makes each copy singular to itself. My work engages with the unique aura given to original artworks by Walter Benjamin when compared to its copies.

I am interested in the aesthetic value of these process marks, and exploiting them as part of the work, connecting the viewer with the social and tribal use of these images that allow a democracy in their ability to be open to change of author and narrative." Debra Perkins

Street Gallery 5 (SG#5) | 197 High Street

Featured artist: SUSAN HOY

  • Title: Carillon, Beverley
  • Medium: Paper pulp from archival mount board offcuts and fallen leaves/bark (various). Pre-used cotton sheet, threads, galvanized wire.
  • Size: 1.5 cm x 1.7 cm (variable) 
  • Price: $1060

Artist statement
"All the organic materials used were found whilst on an Artist Residency at Beverley Station Arts, Beverley during November 2018.  The paper vessels are hung on galvanised wire bound in cloth and threads and can be manipulated to suit 

I use offcuts of archival mount board from my local picture framer. These offcuts are reconstituted into a pulp with the addition of organic matter and found objects and then formed into shapes. Each vessel is sealed with matt medium to protect the surface. The majority of the materials used are recycled or found. Each piece is created by hand and is unique, featuring local plant material and themes. (Note: a hair dryer may be used to lightly dust)."

Street Gallery 6 (SG#6) | 197 High Street

Featured artist: DUNG-CHUAN WEN

  • Title: Samsara
  • Medium: Digital print on archival paper
  • Size: 297 x 420mm
  • Price: $200 each / $1,000 for set of 6

Artist statement
"The significant environmental changes are occurring across Australia due to global warming, notably the increasing size and frequency of bushfires. Australian historian Bill Gammage mentioned in The Biggest Estate on Earth how Australian Aboriginal people used fire management to help regulate the health of the land. 

Additionally, Fire Country author Victor Steffensen uses his own experience to describe his story of learning fire management techniques. Thus, I decided to use bushfire as a theme in my art practice, concentrating on where I am currently living: Western Australia. By gathering data and other knowledge from Western, Indigenous and Taiwanese cultures, and materials, I have been able to investigate the relationship between humans and nature through my art practice.

My research continued into the function of bushfires in Australian Indigenous fire management. There is a spiritual aspect to this culture that shares a link with my Taiwanese culture in relation to balance and universality. This process can be considered an interpretation of the Buddhist concept of life as a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and its ideal is balance.

I took the first panel of photographs in February, 2021 in Bells Rapids. And came back in July, 2021 took the second panel of photographs. The trees regrow after a few months after bushfires happened. It indicated a cycle of death and rebirth. I hope my output will be engaging enough to increase interest in environmental issues affecting the entire planet." Dung-Chuan Wen

Dung-Chuan Wen from Taiwan is an interdisciplinary practitioner and is currently studying a Master of Applied Design and Art at Curtin University in Western Australia.  

Wen’s creative practice explores materials relevant to climate change in the Anthropocene era. Learning Western perspective of materiality and Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) has had a significant impact on his art practice that has introduced him to making art with non traditional materials and merging his work with Wen’s background in Taiwanese Buddhism. He consciously attempts to reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary waste in the creation of his work.

Street Gallery 7 (SG#7) | 197 High Street 

Featured artist: GINETTE HILLMAN

  • Title: Sacred Feminine
  • Size: 122 x 92cm
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas 
  • Price: Private Collection NFS

Artist statement
"A painting of the essence of the Sacred Feminine, she seems filled with grace, and deeply grounded in nature. A connection to the sacred feminine offers one a true voice and expression from the heart, and the capacity to embody love, wisdom, and compassion. The presence of the 'Sacred Feminine' within our individual lives, and collective consciousness, may offer a radical healing and change to occur, in creating our new world." Ginette Hillman
Ginette Hillman’s artwork arises out of an exploration of states of transcendence where form and chaos, embodiment and dissolution, death and resurrection, find passionate expression. The notion of the artwork as a place of healing underpins her practice. The artefact has an almost shamanic function of opening the viewer to his or her own possibility of transformation.
Hillman’s work wrestles with the fundamental polarity of body and spirit, her large canvases can be viewed as sites of an existential and sacred battle.

Street Gallery 8 (SG#8) | 13 - 19 William Street 

Featured artist: PERSEFONE MAIETTA

  • Title: Homeland versus Heartland and Homeland-Heartland Artefact
  • Size: 11 x 15 inches (small works) 
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas - framed 
  • Price: $700 each small panel | larger work  $2000

"Persefone Maietta is a Perth based Western Australian artist whose Greek heritage has always been the pivotal source of inspiration for her work.

Growing up Greek in a small city and being named Persefone Papadopoulos came with its own unique challenges but also character building.  The cross-cultural divide led to the questioning of belonging or finding a place to belong. It was a fluid issue. 

Studying a Fine Arts Degree was the beginning of finding place. Fuelled by pride for her ethnicity and a lobe fort her birthplace, a personal library of symbols was created. A representation of memories and experiences collected and collated throughout her life and expanded on by frequent visits to Greece and enriched by her immersion in the Greek community, traditions, culture and religion. 

These symbols are used to create her abstract works that are visual narratives around contemplations of displacement and disassociation as a reaction to the diasporic movement of Hellenes. Static works in Chiaroscuro are reminiscent of camera film negatives or slides in a carousel projected on a wall as a collection of holiday snapshots.

Tensions between the symbols create a dual cultural reflection and add to the symbiotic nature of the two worlds coexisting side by side in perfect balance and clarity. 

Her work invites the viewer to consider and engage in conversation at the statement, “Homeland versus Heartland”

Artsource is Western Australia’s leading visual arts network and membership organisation for artists, championing Western Australia’s visual arts community through professional resources for artists, advocacy, facilities, studios, tailored insurance, and a host of other services. 

Jo Darvall Paladin Dawn _High Res_Miles Noel Photography
Jo Darvall, Paladin Dawn
portrait of colourful collaged face
black and white image
reddish brown feathery object supported in black space
colourful geometric shapes and lines

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