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Dream it. Plan it. Book it.

12 November 2021

Fremantle is more than one high street or 'main drag' in a local suburb. Fremantle is Perth's Old Town. It’s a maritime city with spirit and soul, full of vibrancy, colour and culture. Fremantle is home to 10 distinct and equally unique neighbourhoods, each with its own character and personality. 

Let Fremantle take you on inspirational journeys and urban adventures exploring the neighbourhoods of this enigmatic old port town where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean. As you navigate the city's neighbourhoods online, use the itinerary builder to create your very own bespoke visit to Fremantle.

We've got everything you need to - Dream it. Plan it. Book it. 

South Fremantle

Uncover that there's more to South Freo than meets the eye. Explore this neighbourhood and check out the best bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs and local boutiques in the south side of Fremantle this weekend. This is South Fremantle.

West End, Waterfront & Fishing Boat Harbour

Fremantle is a walkable city and it is easy to move from one neighbourhood to the next as you stroll down historic laneways, coastal paths and harbour boardwalks. If you are looking for a family day out in Freo, wander the West End, Fishing Boat Harbour and Waterfront.

East End

Home to some of the world's best art, architecture and open spaces. Explore some of the best places to eat, drink, shop and stay in East Freo. This is the East End.


Discover your new local in Downtown Fremantle. Heritage shopfronts with upstairs offices, warehouses overlooking narrow streets, churches and Victorian sporting pavilions are a reminder of the city’s strategic importance during the 19th century gold rush. 


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