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Mon, 02/14/2022 - 03:02
Parlapa is a small family owned cafè and trattoria in the heart of Fremantle. The name originated from Piedmont, a region in North West Italy where Parlapa means amazing or extraordinary.

Gnocchi...handmade, fluffy and delicious potato gnocchi, handmade everyday in our kitchen by Giorgio. How do you like them? With our slow cooked Beef Ragù  or with a rich and creamy Grana Padano Dop sauce? They also have a vegan and gluten free gnocchi option!

Soups, perfect in every season! The comfort food served with Italian bread and herb butter. Yum!

Check out their popular $6.50 deal. Regular Coffee (or hot drink) and fresh baked Muffin (yes, it's true!)

-32.054466009944, 115.747657