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Basement Burlesque Presents...Coming Out of the Den

06 December 2021
Queer. Alternative. Inclusive. Burlesque. Heathens of all tastes, statures, shapes and delights, what is in the basement?

Feisty Fringe goers and party gremlins from across the beautiful Whadjuk Region, strap yourselves on and in, take a deep breath, and brace for the FRINGE WORLD Variety Show from Basement Burlesque.

After taking Perth by storm in in 2021 with mouth-watering shows, Dens 1-5, they have crawled their way up and out to emerge debuting 'Basement Burlesque Presents...Coming Out of the Den' at FRINGE WORLD 2022.

Bringing you diverse performers ranging from Death Heads, all the way to the beautiful winged Monarch. Hand plucked, they promise to bring you some old Den Crew to consensually ooze sex appeal, as you ruin vocal chords and the inner seam of your jean, for this sleaze-tacular Basement Burlesque Presents...Coming Out of the Den.

Presented by: Basement Burlesque Presents...

With acts too bold for light of day, their gang brings you a taste of what dwells in the dark corners of imagination. A dose of grit, a dash of wit, giggles galore, sprinklings of class and so much more.

Worthy sycophants descend! Basement Burlesque Perth's newest cabaret variety show, a show run by queers, for queers.


Shows: SONAR Room, 42 Mews Road, Fremantle WA 6160

Friday 14 January at 8:30pm

Sunday 23 January at 8:30pm

-32.0593414, 115.7441101

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