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Zagoria Quartet at Duke of George Bistro

10 April 2022
An evening of Southern African-influenced music fused with jazz and Sephardic threads

Ilan Zagoria developed his intricate and driving guitar style growing up in Zimbabwe. He has a shared interest in southern African and Sephardic traditions, drawing influence from the musics of Zimbabwe, Madagascar, North Africa, Southern Spain and the Middle East.

The band

  • Ilan Zagoria (guitar, mbira)
  • Mark Cain (saxophones, whistles, shawm)
  • Brent Purser (bass)
  • Shane Kearney (drums, percussion & mbira)
  • and special guest, Cape Town-born percussionist, Alastair Craig Van Schoor

-32.0441368, 115.7632285