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Blue Budha

Tue, 06/29/2021 - 22:36

Blue Budha aims to consciously create moments of magic with each and every person. The Blue Budha was built on a sanctuary where people can experience magical moments. We embrace diversity in cultural beliefs, lifestyles and religion with no judgements and believe that each individuals truth is to be honoured. Offering a relief from reality for over 20 years, we welcome you to experience The Blue Budha side of life. Nourish and treasure your inner and outer being with aromatherapy, Feng Shui, new age books, jewellery, crystals and ornaments.

Budha Jewellery is individually designed and handmade from the finest quality hand selected semi-precious gemstones from around the world. The designs are individual and range from simple settings to intricate and unique craftsmanship.

We carry a large range of figurines and ornaments ranging from Buddah to fairies, proving you are sure to find something for the person who has everything. You will also find inspirational banners, crystal lamps, coloured glass lanterns, Moroccan cushions and many more unique gift offerings are available.

We all look for clarity and guidance at some stage in our lives. Tarot and oracle cards are being discovered by more people and are being used as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Explore our extensive range.

The Blue Budha prides itself in offering one of the largest libraries of new age books covering topics from empowerment, crystals, the universe, astrology, wicca, healing, 2012, divination, angels, self growth and more. Our vast and diversified range of music and DVDs encapsulates everything from earthy drum beats to meditation, extra-terrestrial experiences, lounge, hypnosis and world fusion.

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