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25 November 2021
Telling the story of repression and the transmutation of shame allows for the reclamation of self. An interactive, multidisciplinary performance installation using different feminine archetypes.

The intention of this piece is to create a space of embodied exploration, bridging the worlds between archetypal psychology and esoteric concepts.

The parental relationship between mother and child will be explored as a way to imagine the breaking of the cycles of trauma.

Showcasing the light and dark manifestations of the feminine archetypes, this piece brings awareness to the ways trauma is held in the physical body and how both successes and pain is passed through the bloodlines.

'Lineage' offers an innovative and exciting unravelling into themes exploring new age psychology and healing.

Presented by: Eros Evolved

Eros Evolved represents revolutionary artists and leaders working at the heart of the art and Eros communities.

Shows: DaRawNature Studio Gallery

Thursday 3 February - Saturday 5 February 2022

All shows start at 7:30pm and are 18+ (Restricted)

-32.0546955, 115.7438223